CWS has a long track record of providing safe operations with higher operating efficiency than competitors.

Our Commitment to a Safe Workplace

  • Our commitment to safety starts with leadership accountability. CWS management and local crew supervisors, assisted by a team of HSE professionals, serve as the first line of defense on our work sites to ensure that the workforce is competent and aware of all hazards.
  • Training and Employee Oversight: All CWS employees receive rigorous training, starting on their first day, to build awareness and compliance with HSE and operating standards. CWS uses Safety Skills, a state of the art online training portal with an extensive library of detailed training materials, to support the company’s operating and HSE standards.
  • We require all employees to wear appropriate personal protective equipment without exception.
  • All CWS vehicles are equipped with Fleetmatics in-vehicle monitoring systems to track driver safety and monitor team members across job sites.
  • Drug Testing: CWS has a zero-tolerance safety commitment to employee usage of drugs and alcohol. CWS is committed to maintaining a safe workplace for our employees that is free from illegal drug use and the misuse of alcohol. Included in CWS’s overall safety program is our Random Drug and Alcohol Testing Program. This process includes determinations by a third-party drug screening administrator to assure that testing is conducted thoroughly and in an unbiased manner, as well as return to duty and follow up testing.
  • Essential to CWS’s success is our passion for excellence in everything we do. CWS conducts regular evaluation of safety policies and procedures through our comprehensive quality management system. This system of well-defined and accessible standard and established performance indicators allows CWS to deliver safe, efficient, and competitive well services.

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